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The following organizations are special projects of the O.W.L. Foundation. Please consider supporting one or more with your financial donation of any amount.

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West Petaluma Hills
a Wildlife Corrider Coalition,

The Collective Vision: To designate properties as permanent conserved open space with appropriate, managed public access and trails, so the community can enjoy our special natural resources and our flora and  fauna can thrive. 

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Watertrough Childrens Alliance, WCA

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The Watertrough Children's Alliance (WCA) is a gathering of parents and community joined to protect children from pesticide drift and the environmental impacts of a vineyard development next to our schools. HELP US protect the environment and our children's health by requiring meaningful environmental review of new vineyard developments through CEQA. Your donations support our current lawsuit mandating that Sonoma County comply with this important California law.

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Friends of Shollenberger, FOS

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SAVE SHOLLENBERGER PARK: Donate to Friends of Shollenberger

Help us preserve Shollenberger park, open space, wildlife habitat, and clean air—donate today! Your donation help fund legal fees and will ultimately preserve and protect the Petaluma Wetlands and Shollenberger Park. Choose a recurring donation to increase our staying power to challenge this factory.

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Sebastopol Water information Group, SWiG

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Support Sonoma County's PRIMIER source of accurate water news and analysis.

Coastal Hills Rural Preservation , CHRP

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Coastal Hills Rural Preservation (CHRP) is a group of West Sonoma County citizens concerned with preserving the integrity of rural Sonoma County and it resources. We are focused on upholding the County's General Plan, particularly its Land Use and Water Elements, and accountability throughout permit processes that require CEQA reports. We invite you to join us in addressing the issue of inappropriate land use in our community that may have broad, long term impacts on the future development of rural Sonoma County.
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The Petaluma River Council, PRC

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One of the oldest organizations devoted to Petaluma River health, the PRC joined O.W.L. in 2005 and continues to spearhead many activities that protect the river


The O.W.L. Foundation, O.W.L.

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Support the original Open space, Water resource protection and Land use Foundation itself! O.W.L. is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. Every penny you give WORKS.
The O.W.L. Foundation is a registered 501(C)3, non-profit, California corporation. Donations to the Foundation are 100% tax deductable from federal income tax, pursuant to attendant state and federal law.