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Groundwater Management Plan Information

Major Recommendations

Local or regional agencies should develop groundwater management plans if
groundwater constitutes part of their water supply. Management objectives should be
developed to maintain a sustainable long-term supply for multiple beneficial uses.
Management should integrate water quantity and quality, groundwater and surface
water, and recharge area protection.

• Groundwater management in California is a local agency responsibility.
• In basins where there is more than one management agency, those agencies should
coordinate their management objectives and program activities.
• A water budget should be completed that includes recharge, extraction and change in
storage in the aquifer(s).
• Changes in groundwater quality should be monitored and evaluated.
• Stakeholders should be identified and included in development of groundwater
management plans.

— California Department of Water Resources, Bulletin 118

O.W.L. Groundwater Management Links

for Sonoma County

Get aquainted with groundwater at DWR:

California Groundwater Information Center

Groundwater, Central District (serving Sonoma County) Division of Planning and Local Assistance California Department of Water Resources

Office of Water Use and Efficiency

How to Manage Groundwater:

Water Facts 2. 7-Steps for Managing Groundwater Supplies

DWR Bulletin 118, 2003 Update

    Chapter 2 - Groundwater Management in California
    Chapter 3 - Groundwater Management Planning and Implementation

Groundwater Management in California, 1999, Report to the Legislature,649

Components of a Groundwater Management Plan B118GWMgmtPlancomps21Feb24.pdf

Order the "Groundwater Management Handbook"

Read "Developing, Managing, and Sustaining California's Groundwater Resources"

Attend the 13th Annual Groundwater Resources of Association Mtg "Managing Aquifers for Sustainability" Rohnert Park, Sept 23-24 2004 Groundwater Management Under California Law:

Part 2.75. Groundwater Management

" ...groundwater is a valuable natural resource in California, and should be managed to ensure both its safe production and its quality."

Other California Laws and Legislation affecting groundwater management.

SB 610/SB 221 Guidebook for Cities, Counties, and Water Suppliers: State Financial Assistance:

DWR Grants and Loans

AB 303 Local Groundwater Assistance Provides up to $250,000 per groundwater management project to local public agencies. Due date: Fall 2004 Total funds: $6 million

AB 303 Fact Sheet

AB 303 Funding Recommendations 2003-2004

Groundwater Monitoring Data:

Groundwater level data

Water quality data

Information on Sonoma County Groundwater:

DWR's Evaluation of Groundwater Resources: Sonoma County (Vol. 1)

USGS Groundwater Atlas

USGS Study: Water Resources Availability and Management in Sonoma County, CA

DWR Bulletin 118, Update 2003 Basin Descriptions


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