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Rohnert Park Responds to O.W.L. SB 610 Suit

Download Rohnert Park's Response here PDF 2.5M


Attorneys for the City of Rohnert Park have responded to the O.W.L. Foundation's brief. You can download and read it in its entirety by clicking on the above link. The O.W.L. Foundation has until March 21st to file a short rebuttal to this document. The court hearing in this matter is April 4th. The Judge may, or may not, deliver a ruling on that day. It is possible that he could delay a ruling. We assume that we will have word whether or not the Water Supply Assesement produced by the City of Rohnert Park is deemed legally valid by the court, sometime near to this date.


Conformed Opening Brief Filed January 5, 2005.

Download the opening brief here. PDF 2.5MB

After nearly a year of tireless effort on the part of O.W.L. Foundation's attorneys, volunteers and O.W.L.'s scientific team, the opening brief in O.W.L. Foundation v. Rohnert Park was filed in Sonoma County Superior Court today, January 5, 2005.

In this historic case, O.W.L. is challenging the legal validity of Rohnert Park's Water Supply Assessment (WSA), a document required by a new California state law called SB 610.

The outcome of this case is being watched statewide due to the potential impacts that will result from its outcome. Will projects of 500 houses or the equivalent really be required to prove the existence of a 20-year supply of water, as SB 610 stipulates? Or will project managers be allowed to rely on so-called "paper water" instead? This case, the first of its kind in California, will reveal whether or not SB 610 will protect our water resources, or if development will be allowed to return to the rapacious pace of the 1950s.

Read for yourself how Rohnert Park's WSA is not only inadequate to satisfy SB 610, but how the scientific structure with which it purports to prove a 20-year supply of water is wholly incompetent.

Rohnert Park has until the end of February 2005 to respond. After the City's response, the O.W.L. Foundation, as plaintiff, will have the last word.

H.R. Downs

O.W.L. Foundation


On Thursday, February 24th, 2004 the City Clerk of Rohnert Park was served with a summons pursuant to the complaint filed by the O.W.L. Foundation.

You can download and read the entire complaint here. (996K)

Please direct any questions regarding this litigation to the O.W.L. Foundation's lead attorney, Ed Casey at (213) 576-1005.

Thank you,

H.R. Downs





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