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Open space, Water resource protection and Land use


The O.W.L. Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c) 3 California corporation made up of Sonoma County residents who became alarmed at the dangerous water crisis growing in Sonoma County. Numerous areas in the County have been declared "water scarce"; other areas, previously considered "water rich", are now in groundwater overdraft.

People are lowering pumps in their wells, digging new wells, and some people whose wells have gone dry now truck water to their property.

The O.W.L. Foundation grew out of the South County Resource Protection Committee (SCRPC) . This group successfully sued the City of Rohnert Park by demonstrating in court that the City had insufficient supplies of water for further expansion.

O.W.L. was created to address the water crisis at the County level.

One of the most important actions that County government can do is to implement a Groundwater Management Plan (GMP) according to the guidelines set forth in the California Water Code, AB 3030. A GMP is simply a water "budget". Approximately 160-some odd communities in California already have such plans. The Sonoma County Grand Jury has recommended that the County and all of the cities within it adopt such plans. All government officials refused. Why is Sonoma County on record with the Department of Water Resources as having "no interest" in an AB 3030 Groundwater Management Plan?
Ground Water Facts:

• 40% of California’s water supply is ground water.
• Sonoma County leads the state with 40,000 domestic wells.
• 28 counties have ground water ordinances.
• As of 1999, 167 public water suppliers in California have ground water management plans

Sonoma County needs a comprehensive groundwater management plan immediately.

The O.W.L. Foundation will not rest until groundwater management plans are ubiquitous throughout Sonoma County.





Board of Directors

H.R. Downs, President

Heidi Dieffenbach-Carle, Treasurer

Debbie Hunt, Secretary

Bonnie Kneibler, M.D

Jane Nielson, Ph.D. SWiG Secretary

Susan Panttaja, R.G

Ray Peterson


Steven F. Carle, Ph.D.

Paul Stutrud

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