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The Kleinfelder Report

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Principles for a Sustainable Water Future in California

Dorothy Green lists 15 essential points in a vision of a sustainable water future.

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Warnings Galore

No one should be surprised to discover the current water crisis. We've been warned about it for years. The only difference today is that the warnings are becomeing a lot more frequent.

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The Ailing Russian

Time to think about the health of Sonoma County's largest source of so-called "surface" water.

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SR Urban Water Management Plan Shows Foreknowledge of Water Crisis

A graph that appears in the "Executive Summary" of Santa Rosa's UWMP, shows planners predict the resumption of massive groundwater pumping to make up for SCWA inadequacies.

April 25, 2004

Groundwater recharge areas

In 1975, Sonoma County's prime groundwater recharges areas were plotted on a map.

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posted May 14


Most people have never heard of the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA), yet it may be the most powerful entity in the County.

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Download The Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) Urban Water Managment Plan (2.5MB)


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Sustainable Water Systems: A Primer for Water Utility Decision Makers


The SFWQCB Letters

The San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board sent two letters on January 25th, one to the Conty and one to Rohnert Park. The Board requested that both the County and the City NOT certify key documents. Read why.

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SWiG Weighs in

The Sebastopol Water Information Group (SWiG), reacts to a controversial memorandum issued by Sebastopol's Assistant City Manager Su Kelly. Kelly questioned the notion of a "water crisis".

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SB 610

What is Rohnert Park's Water Supply Assesment and why does it affect evrytthing in tthe County?

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Sonoma County Water Coalition

Position Paper on the Water Resource Element

Has your group joined yet?

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Well, well, well: A map of DRY wells and more

A map recording dry wells in the south Santa Rosa plain.

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Learn about water safety, cleanliness and contamination from the EPA

Pundits: Groundwater Can Be "Renewable But Finite Resource"


Groundwater Resources Association White Paper offers a sensible solution to all our groundwater problems in Sonoma County. This document is an absolute must read!





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Download DWR's "Draft Guidebook for Implementing Senate Bill 610 and
Senate Bill 221"

Groundwater, Inherently Invisible, is Disappearing

Two geohydrologic studies and hundreds of reports from well owners throughout Sonoma County raise the alarm of groundwater overdraft.

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posted November 10, 2003

Germans and French Could Sell Your Own Water Back To You

European multi-national corporations, mostly German and French-owned, are the first in line to own water in the United States and sell it back to American citizens.

This is not some nightmare scare tactic, it's called privatization and it's coming to a tap near you.

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posted August 11, 2003

Judge Breaks Water Contracts

Some people think water contracts are sacrosanct. They are not.

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SCWA: Don't Count on Eel Diversions

The September 8 Water Advisory Committee (WAC) meeting was a somber affair. Representatives of Sonoma county and Marin County water contractors fumbled around in stunned silence as the import of Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) General Manager Randy Poole's letter hit home. Water from the Eel River will be cut back, way back due to a victorious lawsuit against SCWA by the Friends of the Eel River.

No more increases in water supplies means no more growth, for at at least a year and maybe longer---maybe forever.

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posted September 9, 2003

Groundwater Overdraft: The Facts

The south Santa Rosa plain is suffering a serious groundwater overdraft and has been for a very long time. Water officials in Sacramento warned local politicos of this problem 20 years ago! Local governmental politicos have long ignored the question of sustainability of groundwater resources in the Santa Rosa Plain. Why? Because the available information provide ample cause for serious concern. Steve Carle, a local Ph. D. geohydrologist, explains with ample lines of substantiation.

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posted Dec. 7, 2003